We use a number of specialised measurements at Eighth House. Make sure to take care measuring your statistics so you can be confident in ordering the right sizing. Take measurements naked or in underwear to get a more accurate result. It’s even better if you can get a friend to help!


Standing with bare feet together and keeping your head facing forward, measure from the top of your head to the floor.


Measure horizontally, under the arms at the fullest part around your bust.


Measure around the natural waistline.


Standing with feet together, measure around fullest part.

Inside Leg

Barefoot, take the measurement from the top of your inside leg to the floor.

Crotch Length

The distance from the back of your waist to the front of your waist is your crotch length.

  • In underwear, standing up straight in front of a mirror, hold a tape measure at one point, e.g. your back waist.
  • Squat slightly and measure the distance (through your legs, under your crotch), from this point to the other (e.g. front waist). Avoid squatting too deeply or your measurements may be off; just bend your knees a few inches to give ease in clothing measurements for comfort when moving about
  • Make sure the tape isn’t twisted or your length measurement will be inaccurate. Make sure the tape is not too loose, or so tight that it puckers the fabric.

Hello beautiful tall ladies!

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