Welcome to Eighth House, launching early 2022. A place to find on point, stylish, handmade clothing for tall women. I am so excited to bring my creations to life! I hope you enjoy wearing them as much I do making them.


After a lifetime of struggling to buy on point fashion that actually fits me (I’m 6ft2in / 1m88cm), I decided to start making my own clothes. A driving factor was in remembering the teenage me being unable to dress like my friends, or swap clothes for a night out… never feeling pretty and feminine, or able to easily express myself through my wardrobe. So many teenage girls are tall now and yet after all these years options are still tough to find! This struggle is in no way easier in my forties!


Another, more pressing factor was my career as a singer; with a large client base, I couldn’t rock up in an ill-fitting, off the peg, High Street disaster. And so I learned to sew.


I want to provide a way for women to feel beautiful in their own skin. My designs are inspired by my childhood, my favourite music and iconic performers, and current fashion trends. A continuing hurdle for me is my job as a performer; there are more places to buy tall fashion for regular wear these days, but very little in the way of stand-out pieces.


I am open to all questions and suggestions, and look forward to making you lovely clothes to wear. All items are handmade by me, and all fabric is responsibly produced. I try to make most of my packaging biodegradable. All pieces will be made to order or available in limited quantities.

Emma x


Hello beautiful tall ladies!

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